Was Action Park the most dangerous park ever?


this article says yes. My main memory of the park was the looping water slide. Picture a hotwheels stunt track but it was a tube not a slide and it featured you and not a toy car and there you have it. Words can’t convey how much abuse it put your body thru. it was short, fast and brutal. IIRC you had to be a minimum weight and height because if you weren’t there was a risk you wouldn’t make it thru the loop. My neck and head felt horrible afterwards and I wouldn’t ever do it again.

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  1. Posted by Cindy on September 7, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    I remember it well. I lived near there and went quite a few times. I remember rocketing thru that tube feet first into a shallow pool at the bottom, and heaven help you if you didn’t move out of the way when the next person splashed down right after you. I’m a girl so I had to get the hair out of my eyes and rearrange my bathing suit bottoms to a more suitable position but this had to be done quickly! I remember one time rubbing the side wall of the tube on my way down and burned a hole thru the suit onto my hip-bone! Yep, “Traction Park” was some place! But they didn’t have all the safety and regulations that there are now–I’d be surprised if you didn’t have to wear a helmet on these water slides now!


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