11 years ago today I almost ran into an escaping mental patient

11 years ago today, at roughly this time, I was doing my thing, exploring the empty and rotting buildings of a semi-abandoned psychiatric facility. The old buildings were in dis-use, and newer facilities had been been nearby, Many were crumbling, some were just … old. We used red headlamps so we could see and not be easily noticed by anyone passing by.

Me and my friend explored for hours and went home. Nothing unusual happened. We saw no one, heard no one, heard nothing out of the ordinary. The next day my friend calls me. “Have you seen today’s newspaper?” “No.” “read the local section.”


I’m bothered on several levels. 1) I could’ve run into this person and had a Michael Myers moment (In fact the new film seems very similar to what happened here) or 2) I could’ve run into security looking for this woman and I don’t think that would’ve gone well.

She was captured overnight at her boyfriends house. Not the boyfriend she tried to kill. A new boyfriend. I wonder if he knew about how she and her previous boyfriend broke up.

But wait, there’s more. This guy escaped just 4 days earlier! I literally never knew about it until today when I went looking for these stories to post this.

Me: Maybe I should rethink my hobbies.
GF: //tilts head//
Me: Nah.

One response to this post.

  1. We were once exploring the old Skillman asylum (with homemade grappling hooks, of course) when we were attacked by rock-throwing meth hobos. Maybe I should reconsider as well! HA!


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