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A Coyote in Teaneck?

Local police are warning Teaneck residents to be mindful of their children and pets after a coyote apparently grabbed a small dog and took off into the woods with it, presumably killing it. The picture says “file photo”. I wonder how many photos of coyotes the Bergen Record has in their files….


dozens of dead deer dumped alongside 287 exit

Piles of dead deer line exit ramp off 287 near Montville. At least four piles of deer carcasses (totally 24+ dead bodies) have been found recently. They believe they were dumped there over a period of more then 6 months.

Beaches closed for a 2nd day in Seaside after shark sightngs

Although shark sightngs aren’t unusual in Jersey waters, the close proximity to the shore, as well as the catch and release of a large shark off Masschusetts led town officials to close Seaside beaches for a 2nd day in a row. Although it sucks that people couldn’t go in the water during the tail end of a brutal heat wave, it was the prudent thing to do. With all the beach goers unable to go in the water it probably caused them to spend more on the boardwalk anyway.

What many people probably don’t know is that shark attacks in 1916 were the inspiration for the Peter Benchley novel Jaws. [more info] The attacks lasted 12 days, 4 people died and another was seriously injured. It inspired many fisherman to head to sea to try to find and kill the shark that was responsible (though they never caught it). The hysteria caused by the event are excellently recreated in Benchleys novel, which was later made into a blockbuster movie and a shitty Universal Studios attraction.

An excellent book on the subject is Twelve Days of terror which recounts the story and really does an excellent job of setting the scene. it also features excellent analysis and investigation by the author and makes a fascinating read.

Cougar sighting in Monmouth County

Policesearch Manalapan-Marlboro border after motorist reports seeing a cougar. This was back in March, and I haven’t found any followup stories. Anyone know anything about this?

A more evolved Montauk Monster?

A strange creature has washed up on the shore of a Canadian town

Wildlife biologist looks for the jersey devil…

ok… he’s actually looking for a giant weasel… called a fisher…

jaguars just over the NY border?

Big cat sitings in Palisades NY? Really? And not cougar or bobcat, we’re talking Jaguar or black panther, those sleek sexy big black cats. Odds are it’s mis-identification since those cats do not live anywhere but South America and Asia, still…