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Ed Geil, Elvis Impersonator


Edward Geil was never a fan of “the king” until he started doing war movies. And that’s when a 35 year passion began. He began doing Elvis impersonations on his front porch in Garfield and people began lining up causing traffic jams. His wife & the police objected to his performances, and “so I had to move on” he said. He soon began doing performances anywhere & everywhere, and Weird NJ caught up with him about 6 years ago, where they found him giving roadside performances off Fairfield Rd.

They were run off by the local Councilman who warned them they would be ticketed if they returned. He and his friend Delores bounced around looking for places to perform. Delores recounted the fact that he often would give performances on the anniversary of Elvis’s birth & death, and one year they had planned to perform up in Mountain View when a cop came by a few days before. He informed Ed that if he showed up that that he would be fined $1000 for disturbing the peace or some such nonsense. “But there are people who are expecting us. They’re going to show whether we show or not. Can we at least come by & then have the people follow us to another location?” Delores asked. “If you show up you will be fined,” the officer reiterated. So they stayed away. Supposedly a woman drove up from Florida to see him and was met by police who fined her! “But Elvis is coming!” she insisted. “Elvis is not coming, maam…”

I had read about Ed in an old issue of Weird NJ but had heard that he was nowhere to be found. I then caught an article in the Bergen Record about him and that he was playing at Garrett Mountain. I stopped by and caught his candlelight vigil on the anniversary of Elvis’s death. Arranging this was not easy because typically the park must be vacated by sundown. According to Ed they had special permission to play after dark, but apparently you had to be in the park already. It was a brief performance, and it was something I was glad to have seen & experienced in person.

He always holds a special candlelight concert on the anniversary of Elvises death, if possible.



Waving Joe

Joe Cerce, aka Waving Joe, was an elderly man who passed the days waving to passersby. Passing cars would honk back and the incessant honking drove neighbors crazy. They asked him to stop waving, but he refused. The neighbors took him to court and a settlement was reached. Joe could still waive, and the town would erect a sign instructing cars not to honk back at him. Joe passed away from a heart attack in summer of 2002. His sign was left up for nearly a year before the town (or fans) removed it.


The mad rapper of Teaneck and the Hackensack Dancer

The Mad Rapper is infamous in Teaneck. We see him 2-3x per week on Teaneck Rd. He’s a young black guy who listens to his rap music with huge headphones. What makes him so unusual is that he typically walks down the middle of Teaneck Rd, rapping & singing at the top of his voice. We can hear him coming from a block away. He weaves thru traffic as if it isn’t there. We just know some day he’s gonna go splat. On the other hand, you’d have to be blind & deaf to not see this guy from blocks away, so he’s easy to avoid I guess. I’ve seen him carrying postal mail crates over by the W Englewood post office, rapping & dancing all the way. I don’t know if he works for the post office or not, somehow he just doesn’t fit the profile of a postal worker. Sadly I’ve never caught a picture of him…

The Hackensack dancer can be found on River Road in Hackensack near Sears (which is apparently his favorite hang out), listening to his headphones, dancing and shaking his thing. One major difference between the two music aficionados is that the Hackensack Dancer listens to his music and dances, whereas the Mad Rapper sings out the tunes at top volume.


The Bicycle Lady of Bloomfield

I received the following email from Richard about the bicycle lady.

I was dropping my sons friend off by Brookdale Shop Rite in Bloomfield on Broad Street one night between 10-10:30pm and across the street we saw an old lady riding a banana seat bike on the sidewalk on Broad Street between Mountain Ave and Bellevue and she turned up Bellevue Ave. I have to say she looked really weird and the boys were freaked out. We all had goosebumps. Of course we checked it out another night between 10-10:45pm another night and there she was.. and it was freezing outside below freezing. Of course the kids wanted to yell out to her and I told the boys to be respectful. I am so curious about this woman..she has to be in her mid seventies. The boys swear she is a ghost. I just think that it is a woman who does her exercise nightly on the bike. Check it out and let me know what you think. My only concern about telling anyone about this is that I don’t want a lot of people to go watch her like a freak show or something. But I figured you would wanna check her out. I’m telling you man…it’s strange. I would say she is there every night around the same time. Contact me and tell me what you think…thanks. keep up the good work.