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The Bicycle Lady of Bloomfield

I received the following email from Richard about the bicycle lady.

I was dropping my sons friend off by Brookdale Shop Rite in Bloomfield on Broad Street one night between 10-10:30pm and across the street we saw an old lady riding a banana seat bike on the sidewalk on Broad Street between Mountain Ave and Bellevue and she turned up Bellevue Ave. I have to say she looked really weird and the boys were freaked out. We all had goosebumps. Of course we checked it out another night between 10-10:45pm another night and there she was.. and it was freezing outside below freezing. Of course the kids wanted to yell out to her and I told the boys to be respectful. I am so curious about this woman..she has to be in her mid seventies. The boys swear she is a ghost. I just think that it is a woman who does her exercise nightly on the bike. Check it out and let me know what you think. My only concern about telling anyone about this is that I don’t want a lot of people to go watch her like a freak show or something. But I figured you would wanna check her out. I’m telling you man…it’s strange. I would say she is there every night around the same time. Contact me and tell me what you think…thanks. keep up the good work.