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VIdeo of a UFO in Bergen County last night

its definitely a UFO because its currently unidentified. Whether it is little green men is another issue

new PBS web video about NBI

PBS has a new series on it’s website called The City Concealed. it’s first episode focuses on North brother Island, and it’s use by birds as a nesting ground. It’s short but interesting and features interviews with the Audubon Society. Below is a press release about the show.



New York, NY – July 1 – To kick off the launch of the newly updated, the local website of New York public media provider, THIRTEEN, the station will feature the full-length mini-series of Niall Ferguson’s ASCENT OF MONEY. Each episode of the program, which premieres on PBS stations nationwide on July 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 9 p.m. (ET), will be available online the morning of its broadcast air-date. This groundbreaking four-part series traces the rise of the modern financial system by taking viewers on a global trek through the history of money.

With its new video capabilities,, will deliver hundreds of hours of programming to its users, including national programs such as NATURE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, FRONTLINE, MASTERPIECE, PBS NEWSHOUR, WIDE ANGLE, and NOVA and locally produced programs including THE CITY CONCEALED, REEL13 SHORTS, WORLDFOCUS, and IT’S THE ECONOMY, NY.

In addition, THIRTEEN will continue to produce its own original online content, catering to a hyper-local New York audience with shows like THE CITY CONCEALED and REEL13 SHORTS. THE CITY CONCEALED is a series of short documentaries about New York City’s hidden treasures. The latest episode, North Brother Island, will premiere with the new video player. Past episodes include Fresh Kills Park in Staten Island, The United Palace Theatre in Harlem, and Weeksville, the city’s first African-American free town established in the 1800s. is a destination for short film submissions, voting and viewing. Three shorts are presented each week and the winner of a public online vote is broadcast on THIRTEEN on Saturday nights. The REEL video library has close to 130 films available for streaming. will provide superior improved navigation capabilities, allowing users to search and find their favorite shows by theme, episode, host and date and watch full-length programs on demand.

I’m ready for my close up Mr Demille

TLC now has the zombie cake episode of Cake Boss up on their site.

You can see us several times in the video including…

1:56 all of us can be seen shambling with the other zombies
20:24 briefly you see me
20:31 longer shot of me
20:57 andrew and my wife are directly behind the zombie king and queen
21:11 andrew can be seen with zombie benny
21:36 you can see my son and wife, and my wife taking the zombie hand (which now resides in my freezer)I’m ready for my close up Mr Demille

set your tivo’s cause my son’s gonna be on tv

When we went o the As-Buried Park zombie walk, a cake was presented at the afterparty by Buddy Valostro, start of the TLC series, Cake Boss. Afterwards they interviewed some of the zombies, including my son. No guarentee that his interview will make the episode, but at least you’ll be able to see the cake, and you’ll definitely see me.

The episode airs 6/22 at 10 pm on TLC.

Life After People discusses what will happen to Atlantic City

First of all, if you’re not watching life after people on the History channel, why not?!? It discusses what will happen to the world if we suddenly disapeared. As the ads say “this is not the story of why we disappear, but of what happens to the world we leave behind.” The most recent episode Sin City, discusses what will happen to places like LV and AC in a world without people.

so you think my video is dumb?

article about how people make money by making popular YT videos

Hmmm… I’ve got a camcorder… maybe I should get out there and film some of this stuff… do some videos of historic and interesting places in jersey….

The Numa Numa guy is from NJ

Ever suddenly get a song in your head for no reason and YOU CAN’T GET IT OUT? Yeah, the Numa Numa some was one of those songs a few years back. Gary Blosma (aka the Numa Numa guy) hails from Bergen County, NJ. He was really taken aback by the way it spread across the internet, and took the acclaim and criticism with grace. I don’t think he ever expected to be put into a an animated episode of American Idol.

Unfortunately I got the song in my head this morning, and usually the only way to get a song out of your head is to listen to it.

Now it’s in your head. Enjoy.

Other people’s efforts to find Mary’s Tower

Big Broad featured on Colbert Report

By definition, a mufflerman is a 20-30 foot tall fiberglass character, typically male, used to draw attention to a local business. The original mufflermen were built from 1963-1973 and according to Roadside America, no more are made since the original molds have long since been destroyed. They mostly made humans, with the exception of a dinosaur for the Sinclair oil company. Large fiberglass animals are not mufflerman by definition, though most folks call them that anyway. Nowadays there are lots of fiberglass people and animals all about. If it was made after 1973, it’s not a true original mufflerman!

The only female ever made is known as The Big Broad, and she came in two versions: one with a dress & skirt, and one with bikini top and bottom.


Sierra Exif JPEG

video of Stephen Colbert’s “Difference Makers”

Apparently the owner has painted the Big Broad with a US flag skirt, and no one else is patriotic enough to do the same. I love how, at the end, Del Buono’s covers all their animals with flags when they hear it helped sales! Note to Stephen: it’s the Black Horse *Pike* not the Black Horse Turnpike. Why does everyone think that if it’s in Jersey it must be the turnpike?

Weird NJ 2007 Halloween party (and I’m the poster boy!)

I was the poster boy for the 2008 WNJ party video on you tube

If it’s hallloween it must be time for the annual wnj party. We went to see Saw IV before the party and honestly I can’t think of any movie recently where you absolutely MUST have seen the previous movie to understand this movie, particularly the twist at the end. The movie can be a tad confusing because it tells Jigsaw’s history in backflashes, and then the twist… well… it’s one of the better twists I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. Actually, there are two twists… and I won’t reveal them…

After the movie we headed right over to the Loop Lounge and got there at 645 and Mark Scuerman was there just setting up. He yelled at me for being too early. I wanted to make sure I was there to get my free autographed copy of the new Weird US board game. I opened it up this am and it looks pretty cool… and I have two copies now. Muhahahhaaa…

I dressed as a typical Bergen County Democrat, so I was in shackles and had 100’s and 50’s sticking out of my pocket. I told everyone that the charges against me were completely false, the idea that I gave that guy no-bid contracts for money. I really did it for the hookers and the coke. I am also switching to Hudson County because I figure I can get 70% of the dead vote (Dawn was dressed as a zombie). Some of my campaign slogans:

Remember to vote early and vote often
There’s no such thing as small bribes, only small favors.
Hudson County: where the dead can vote.
“I’m going to screw you, but at least I’m honest about it!”

I was in the costume contest against a tall witch, a jersey devil-ess (in a bikini… gimme a break) the pink lady, the edison memorial light tower. The 2nd place guy was a guy who literally burned parts of his suit and smear dark patches on his face, and represented Aldo’s a restaurant that recently burned down. The winner was a lady who dressed up as Rutt’s Hut, the hot dog place noty too far from where the party was.

While there a lady told my wife she had seen my website and thought I was a good photographer and then reffered to me as stuofdoom. my wife corrected her that I was LIJ… now she knew who stuofdoom was because she knew he just published a book, but she did really seem to mean my site… so… wtf? What I don’t figure is how she could’ve known that I have any website at all? It’s not like my face is in any of the photos on the site and I didn’t mention to anyone last night that I have a website…