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my Honda CRV gets 23.3 mpg in highway driving

I drove probably 500 miles or more on my memorial day weekend vacation, and spent about $135 in gas or so. I wasn’t really counting because it didn’t really matter. I was going and I had to have gas in the car to get there. I have read a lot of articles in the news about how people are traveling less, not going on vacations, etc because of the price of gas… I certainly understand why some people might choose not to do that, but there comes a point where you say “I gotta live”

I was curious what kind of mpg I was actually getting and I drove 210 miles home and I used 9 gallons which equates to 23.3 mpg highway driving. I was using cruise control most of the time which definately gave me better fuel economy. I tend to be an aggressive driver, so I guess the 23.3 figure is under “optimal conditions”. The 2008 CRV gets 27 mpg according to their published figures so that isn’t too bad for a 4 year old car. Is it? I really have no idea.

I was surprised to find that gas in NY wasn’t that much higher then in NJ. Typically it’s anywhere from 40-70 cents higher, but I had fueled up in NJ before leaving for 3.79 and in NY it was 3.99-4.07. Of course I came back to NJ and found the cheapest I could get it for was 3.89 and there’s many stations selling it for over 4.00… wtf happened? why did prices in jersey spike so much so fast? We’ve spiked almost 40 cents in just the past month according to the bergen record

This is a website everyone should have bookmarked

Apparently you can’t find gas outside 609/856 area codes for less then 3.75. And in some areas it’s well over 4.00…

I had hoped I’d get back into my exploring this summer… but I know a couple of $55 fill-ups to go take pictures of some abandoned warehouse or building and I’m gonna get told to stop…