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Efforts continue to save historic bridge

Local residents try to save bridge built in 1882

Noose at 287 overpass?

Got the following email from a fan:

Hi! My name is Judy and I’m searching for answers on this one. Maybe you would like to venture here to take a look at this yourself. Ok, here goes…..On Hamburg Turnpike in Bloomingdale/Riverdale border, there is an abandoned club named “Slaters Mill.” In the field area you can see a lot of graffitti on the cement pillars of the Route 287 North ramp. This is all on the same side of Hamburg Turnpike as Slaters Mill. My daughter and her friends like to walk around back there as it is a nice woodsy sorta place with a stream and all. There are railroad tracks that run through there. She noticed a NOOSE hanging from underneath the railroad tracks. She also noticed a pair of men’s camouflage-colored boots. She took pictures of the noose and got orbs in the photos.

I asked the Riverdale and Bloomingdale Police depts. about this and they know nothing of it and suggested I contact the State Police to see if they know of anyone who may have hung themselves there. VERY intriquing right?

Dingman’s Bridge: the last privately owned toll bridge in NJ




Dingman’s Bridge is a toll bridge across the Delaware River, located not far North of the route 80 crossing. It is the only privately owned toll bridge across the Delaware. That’s right, when you pay your 50c, it goes directly to the owner, no state DOT, no Park Commission, right to the owner.

Originally the site of a ferry (run for 100 years), the first bridge was built in 1836, and 11 years later floods washed it away. The ferry was run again until 1850 when a second bridge was built. It lasted 5 years before a windstorm knocked it into the river. The following year, a hastily (and poorly built) bridge was erected and it fell apart due to poor construction. Ferry service would begin again, and continue until 1900 when an iron bridge would be erected. With a history of problems, the current Dingman family is committed to (and probably required by law now) strict maintenance. There has never been a serious accident on the bridge, though there have been some scrapes from careless drivers.

Amazingly, the current toll of 50c is not much higher then when the first bridge opened, when the fare was a maximum of 25c for a horse drawn wagon, and 10c for a horse and rider, pedestrians were 2c.

It’s actually kind of cool, although driving over a bridge with boards and not pavement can be a tad unnerving.