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VIdeo of a UFO in Bergen County last night

its definitely a UFO because its currently unidentified. Whether it is little green men is another issue

UFO reported in Somerville, NJ area

it was definitely a UFO. Cause it’s an unidentified flying object. Whether it’s of alien origin remains to be seen.

UFO hoaxers get $250 fine

and they have to do 50 hours of community service too

Two New Jersey men who staged a UFO hoax will have more earthly pursuits, such as picking up trash from the side of the road. A judge fined Chris Russo, of Morris Plains, and Joe Rudy, of Chester Township, $250 each and ordered them to perform 50 hours of community service.

Authorities say the pair triggered a flurry of 911 calls when they lit road flares tied to helium balloons and released them in central New Jersey in January and February. The men said they did it to trick people who believe in UFOs. They posted details of their exploits on a Web site on April Fools’ Day. The prosecutor charged them with disorderly conduct, saying the balloons could have interfered with air traffic and posed a potential fire hazard.

did google street view capture ET in NJ?

Ok, this is coming from the weekly world news, so right there you need a saddlebag of salt to go with this story. That said, the picture taken by the google street van is intriguing…

those red lights in Morris County a few weeks ago? A hoax of course

Part one: fool local residents with flares and helium balloons into thinking they’re UFO’s

Part two: Do it again

Part three: Post a video telling how you did it

Part four: Get arrested because you did it so close to an airport that you threatened people’s safety.

Part five: profit???

If you live in South jersey, you odds are almost twice as great that you’ve been an alien aubductee

A few days ago, the Weird Universe blog dug up a 1993 report on a UFO abduction survey, investigated by sociology professor Ted Goertzel at Rutgers University. The report was checking into a previous study’s claim that 3.7 million Americans were suffering from “UFO abduction syndrome.” While the Goertzel report largely debunked the idea that millions of Americans are actual abductees, you might still be in some danger — especially if you live in South Jersey.