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Cry Baby Bridge

This road is located around the corner from Whippoorwill Valley Rd Supposedly a baby drowned in the water underneath the bridge. If you stop there at 1AM you can hear the baby crying. Furthermore if you stop on the bridge and turn off your car, it won’t restart. We visited here at sunset and we heard nothing except gurgling water. We turned the car off, and it started up again without incident. The road is unpaved and narrow at spots, but there is nothing particularly spooky about it. As always, visit it at night and everything is spookier, so I wouldn’t waste my time coming here during the day.



Lambertville High School

The school was built in 1854, remodeled in 1926, and then closed in 1955. A fire gutted the center portion of the building and the roof in 1992. (arson of course) The central part of the school burned completely, and in the past few years the floor collapsed in one section, eliminating the infamous “children on the blackboard”. This was a series of eerie faces carved into a blackboard on the second floor.


The legend begins in 1935 as Lambertville HS plays an annual football game against the Buckeyes from New Hope. Unfortunately this annual Thanksgiving event is marred by the death of a wide receiver on the opposing team. The parents protest that football is too dangerous, and the New Hope school closes it’s football program.

After the school closed in 1955, it became a hangout for the rowdy kids. One night some kids got drunk and the subject of the dead wide receiver comes up. One of them yells out a challenge to the dead football player, a 100 yard dash. A pair of eyes appear across the field, and orders them to race the field or die. One boy runs and collapses. The remaining boys reluctantly run the field, but once to the other side, they realize one of the boys isn’t with the group any more. They run home, their parents call the cops, and eventually the bodies of the two boys are found, their heads turned almost backwards. Ever since then it is said then anyone challenging Buckeye will not live thru the night….don’t even say the word, lest you die on the spot….







Photos come courtesy of a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

The abandoned school is on private property, and entering it would involve trespassing. The school is structurally questionable and going inside is very risky. We do not encourage you to trespass or to take unnecessary risks.

Annie’s Road


“We went to the end of the road and met a midget named George. He gave us his phone number!”

“You can often see a flickering light moving around and about the graves.”

“Beware midgets live there, I know because they shot at me.”

“Alongside the road is a guard rail painted red where she died.”

Annie’s Road is haunted by a young girl who died on her way to the prom. On the road there remains to this day a blood red stain marking the spot where she died. Familiar story, eh? That’s one of many explanations for strange things that have happened on or near this winding road in Totowa. Annie’s Road has so many stories intertwined with each other that the hard facts and the rumors & gossip are almost inseparable. Have people died on in car crashes on this road? Yes. as someone murdered near here? Yes. Do dwarfs live here? No! Is there cemetery a cemetery on this road? Yes, two of them. Is the road of the cemetery haunted? That’s for you to judge.

So what’s fact and what is fanciful tale? We’ll try to sort out the myths and gossip from reality in a moment, but first off: a primer for those who don’t already know the tale…

Riverview Drive

This unassuming road winds along the Passaic river in the shadow of a sewage treatment plant to it’s left, followed by Laurel Hill Cemetery. The road has several sharp turns and is not well lit. The turn just before midgetville is particularly harsh and there are numerous recorded accidents and deaths, including one in the late 90’s involving a car full of high school students.

Rumors of ghosts and apparitions have been reported on this road going back as far the colonial days. The main legend concerns Annie, a young woman who lived in the area in the 60’s, not long before Route 80 was built thru the area. She was going to the prom and got into an argument with her boyfriend and left the car to walk to her home on River View Dr. Along the way she was picked up by a bunch of sailors who raped and murdered her. The violent end to her life made her spirit uneasy, and so she began to haunt the local road, even possessing men who traveled along it. The numerous car accidents on this road are attributed to Annie’s ghost. One theory is people swerve to avoid her ghost, or lost control after seeing her. Others think she may have possessed the driver and forced him off the road.


Located just off Annie’s Road is a small cul-de-sac with some very small houses. For years there have been rumors of little enclaves where dwarfs live. John Ringling owned a home in Alpine, and just south of where the GWB is located was a small community where dwarfs allegedly lived. The same rumors followed him to his other home in Morris Plains. Singac & Waldwick also have been rumored to be home to dwarfs. None of these towns holds the mystic that Totowa does.

I visited Annie’s Road and spoke with one of the local residents about the ghost, the accidents and the midnight riders looking to see dwarves. She told me all about the ghost of Annie and all the problems they’ve had with teenagers driving by at 3am looking to see dwarves. The houses were once summer rentals and as such they weren’t designed as large as traditional homes. I

After numerous problems with rowdy and noisy teenagers, the residents began policing the area themselves, calling police on the rowdy teenagers, and sometimes surrounding cars to prevent the teenagers from fleeing. One local resident was run over by a teenage girl trying to get away. “My son was the one who stood in front of her and wouldn’t let her leave after she hit the other gentleman. He suffered a broken leg and there was no way my son was going to let her get away with that.”

I guess that explains this sign…


Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery is 90 acres and is located right off River View Dr. There are some very cool headstone in the cemetery and is well worth visiting and exploring. On a recent trip I saw evidence of vandalism, as numerous headstones had been knocked over, and many cherubs and angels had their heads knocked off….

The Hail Mary Murders

It was 1992, and six high school boys spent their days fixated by Annie’s tale. Believing she was run over by a car and that she now haunted the road, they spent their nights at Norwood Terrace, near the house she supposedly lived in, then they would drive up and down River View Dr, before ending up at the mausoleum where they thought she was buried.


Eventually though 5 of the boys felt that they no longer wanted to hang around with the 6th boy, and decided to make him leave. They made several botched attempts to burn his car, but they all failed. Eventually realizing that they couldn’t make him go away, they decided he needed to eliminated. (and all this because they were bored with his company mind you)

They tried to stuff an aerosol can into his gas tank in the hopes of causing an explosion. It didn’t fit. They tried to convince him to be handcuffed to the steering wheel, after which they would stick a flaming rag into the gas tank. He refused. After so many botched attempts to scare him and even eliminate him, some of the boys wondered if he wasn’t protected by Annie herself…

They finally settled on a simpler method, and tragically it worked. One day they all drove out to the HS and parked in back. They all began to recite the Catholic “Hail Mary”, and then one of the boys in back took out an electrical cord and strangled the victim from behind, garrote style. Putting his feet on the headrest, the victim didn’t have a chance, and the other boys continued to recite the Hail Mary, until after nearly 10 minutes, he was dead.

They tried to cover up the crime by outing the body in the trunk and causing an explosion, but it didn’t work. They ditched the car, and predictably, were caught, arrested, and convicted.

Jewish Cemetery

I don’t think anyone else even knows about this one. You can read the whole story on it’s own dedicated page, but basically there is a Jewish cemetery up in the woods near the Waste Treatment Plant, that is owned and operated by a construction company that is located right next door. What do Jews & construction workers have to do with each other?

Laurel Grove Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery is full of interesting and unique headstones. It is more well known for its association with midgetville and a ghost named Annie. Annie’s Rd is supposed haunted by the ghost of a young woman who died when a car hit her after she decided to walk home from the prom. Another story says she was murdered and raped. She supposedly is buried in the Van Dyck mausoleum.


This very large elk is the centerpiece of a series of graves, laid out in a circle. On each side of the base of the elk are the words: justice, charity, fidelity, and brotherly love, the watchwords for the Elks organization. The Elk is visible from Route 80 (see pictures) and is mistaken by some for a deer, grazing on the hillside. Another large & noteworthy grave is that of Kaspinov family. It’s more of a monument then a grave, as if features life sized statues of both the son Oliver, and his wife Lence. Also included are several large pictures, all enclosed in a private secluded area constructed of gravel, stones and bushes. It is extremely large, extremely ornate and probably extremely expensive.






Another famous grave is that of Sal Giardino, known as the world’s greatest electrician. His grave is certainly one of the more colorful ones you’ll see. His daughter Kim died not so long after he did, and she received an equally colorful headstone. You can easily find the graves as they are in the middle of the cemetery.  




Garrett Mountain

Garrett Mountain features two very nice parks with some great hiking and spectacular views and lots of open space to sunbathe, play and hang out. Great, but what’s so weird? Well first off you’ve got Ed Geil, an Elvis impersonator who plays every day at parking area #7. You’ve also got Lambert Castle, and its 70 ft observation tower overlooking the cliffs. It has fallen into disrepair and hasn’t been open to visitors since the late 60’s. Mostly though it’s the stories about the place. There are stories of satanic ritual circles being found in the woods, as well as unusual creatures with red eyes being seen. There are tales of ghosts along the hiking trails.

I don’t believe any of it. If you’ve had a weird experience here, please post about it.

Clinton Road

Clinton Road is the most legendary road in all NJ folklore. This 8 mile long road has no street lights and no cross roads for the majority of it’s path thru the woods of West Milford. There are so many stories about Clinton Road where does one even begin? Theres a ghost that will cause you to crash at Dead Man’s Curve. Cross Castle is was haunted. There are nazi’s in the woods. Also the KKK and witches. And rabid dogs. And let’s not forget that if you driving late at night you will be chased by a black pick up truck. To truly appreciate the area, read the Weird NJ page on it.

All the urban legends aside, there are some things that are true. Clinton Road is home to one of the last remaining Iron smelting furnaces from the colonial era. Surrounded by a fence (with gaping holes in it) it’s a relic from 200 years ago. It is tall, and it is creepy as hell. When I ducked inside the structure, I got the distinct feeling of entering a huge gaping maw, as the rocks that made the opening were smaller, numerous & of varied colors, giving the impression of a mouth of teeth….




Photo submitted by jerry, see his post below


The black pick up truck of Clinton Road

One of the greatest urban legends of Clinton Road is that you will be chased by a black pick up truck if you drive down it late at night. One weekend I drove down Clinton Road and I told the passenger in my car of the legend of the black pick up truck. She thought it was a big joke. “Black pickups trucks?” she said as she laughed. “What imaginations people have!” The day was mostly sunny and nothing terribly scary occurred while we drove the length of Clinton Rd, but a black pickup truck DID appear behind us. She thought this was hysterically funny so she took pictures.





So what’s the deal with the pick up trucks? The majority of Clinton Road has no side streets and no street lights. It a major thoroughfair from Route 23 to the northern end of West Milford. If you drive on it, any cars or pick up trucks behind you will appear to be following you. They really aren’t following you, there’s just nowhere for them to turn off. The area of West Milford is quite mountanous and pick up trucks are very popular among the local residents.And if they are tail gaiting you, that’s probably because a lot of people drive faster then they should on this treacherous road.

The moaning of Talamini Road


People have reported hearing a strange moaning on this Bridgewater Road. It’s all the usual tales, someone died in a car wreck & now their ghost haunts the road where it happened. This tale is different though: apparently if you drive west towards Country Club Rd, and drive at 35 MPH thru the curve past Red Lion Way you will hear a moaning, a distant wailing, which some believe is a warning to slow down. It only works is you are driving westbound, and only if you drive at 35 MPH. Drive eastbound, you won’t hear it. Go slower, you won’t hear it. Go faster and you’re crazy since there is a curve in the road. The question is: does it work, and if so what is it?

I drove this section about a half dozen times, back & forth at different speeds, and yes, you must be going 35 MPH and headed west. I did hear something. Faint and distant it almost sounded like a truck on a rumble strip. It was so faint I’m not sure if I would’ve noticed it had I not been looking for it. Did it sound like a moaning or wailing? Ummm, not really, but that’s me. I’m a skeptic so I can’t say this is worth going out of your way for, but if you’re nearby, why not? Maybe you will hear it too. I say it’s just a trick of acoustics, but it definitely is unusual.

Shades of Death Road

Located near Groom Lake, Shades of Death Rd is another one of those “don’t go there at night” type roads. Although not nearly as infamous as Clinton Rd, it is notorious for many things. It’s a lot of the usual stuff, people being chased down the road, the mafia and a woman in a pink prom dress who hitchhikes there at night. (She’s a ghost that will kill you if you refuse her a ride). One story unique to this road which is documented true is ther Polaroid trail. Located south of Route 80, someone found thousands of out of focus Polaroid’s of women. They were too out of focus to make out much more then that they were of a woman. The Marks verified this story shortly before all the photographs disappeared. Something else that is true is that the road is dangerous. There have been several fatal car accidents near one section of Groom Lake, and that section of road is supposed to be getting “fixed” by the DOT to make it less dangerous.

In 2003 I was out in Warren county doing a flea market & took a stroll down Shades of Death Rd. I had left my maps at home and had to try and find the road blindly. I managed to find it after driving on Heller Rd (which was much more scary then Shades of Death was…) Narrow & twisty, with heavy tree cover and few houses in sight, it’s not a place I’d like to drive at 1AM. I did see one barn with a cow skull on it, followed by a fenced in property out of which came a German shepherd.

As I pulled onto Shades of Death, I saw what looked like a fire in the trees ahead of me. There was a swampy marshy area between me & the woods, but the more I looked at it, the more it looked like it was on Route 80. I pulled over & looked for signs of trouble, and the smoke disappeared. A car pulled up & asked me if I had seen the fire, and I said I had seen the smoke. I drove on after seeing nothing else unusual, and stopped to take the above picture. Aside from a section of road with a dozen lengthy skid marks on it, and a cornfield that was way too close to the road IMHO (Sorry, I have a thing about corn fields) I saw absolutely nothing unusual or scary, but I wasn’t down near Groom Lake where the ghost & the Polaroid’s were, so perhaps I was just on the wrong section of road……


The Ghost at WFMV

I received this email from Carl

The WFMV studios are located on Rt 521, 5 minutes north of Rt 80, on the left hand side. It is an old railroad station… Broadcasts however originate from Yates Road, WNNJ, in Andover NJ. the building exists still, intact and operating. The Blairstown station is not really shut down, but the studios have been relocated to the WNNJ studio building in Newton. 106.3 WFMV was located in the old railroad station just outside of Blairstown. Before they were bought out by CC, WFMV ran both a top 40, then an oldies format for a couple of decades. Then, they went country and changed call letters to WHCY. That only lasted a couple of years and they switched format again to a HOT AC sound…which they currently run.

Since WHCY needs to continue to maintain a “studio” in Blairstown, there is a makeshift one still located within the building. The building also serves as the transmitter feed to their antenna, so the building is still operational but not manned. You might want to visit the WNNJ building on Yates Avenue in Newton to see both WNNJ am and fm, WSUS, 102.3 (incidentally, their original building is still operational like the WFMV building, but not manned at the moment) and WHCY Blairstown. I understand that there is a possibility that all 4 stations will make the move to Franklin, since that building is in much better physical shape. However because of the topography of Northwest NJ, the left-over buildings will still have to be utilized (or equipment moved to a smaller, non descript building in each town) merely because the area is to mountainous to rely on microwave transmissions. That is why the Newton building, centrally located between WSUS and WFMV, was chosen as the main site for the studios. And it is a cramped little place!!!!

It has been a long time since I have been to Blairstown but I used to work in that building when it was a full-fledged station, and you will see it on the curve, plain as day and if it is still red, you can not miss it!!! Somewhere I have pictures on the net of WFMV…they aren’t pretty since like I said that building is in disrepair and only acts as a transmission facility now. There are a lot of stories about radio stations in general being haunted. I always thought that it was because most of them operated around the clock, kind of in the dark…with one person on duty from end of biz to start….and the eerie, spider-like towers around the building. I never really heard that WFMV was haunted per se…..and right now, there is a makeshift studio (per FCC rules) and still equipment in there; an engineer swings by from time to time, otherwise there really is no business taking place there.

And it was never fancy at all…there were two large studios and a few small offices in there; now it looks like most of it was torn down for whatever reason; I think they wanted to sell the building and found out they had to keep it as part of the deal to run the station….there has to be an “office” in the town, and since most of the still equipment is there, the building still exists as a radio station. Good luck!!!