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The Sindia Shipwreck


The Sindia was a 4 masted sailing ship which ran aground on the beach of Ocean City after 4 days of rough weather had beat the ship and its crew down. The steel hulled ship was pushed hard into the sand, cracking the hull and filling the ship with water and sand. 100 years later the ship remains on the beach, but beach replenishment efforts and the shifting of the shoreline has completely covered the ship. What remains buried there is a mystery, because some believe it contained a secret cargo of stolen art from the middle east…

Read more about the Sindia at the official website.

Temple for Hope & Knowledge suffers a fire, and is sued for fraud

I’ve come across several news articles that chronicle the end of the Temple for Hope & Knowledge. The church was sued successfully in 2001 for $200,000. The church then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In November 2003 the paper reported that “A sheriff’s sale of the Temple of Hope and Knowledge was delayed on Thursday for the second time. The sale was originally scheduled for October, but the temple’s owner, 92-year-old Sole Mio Balaam Nicola, was granted a postponement (Press of Atlantic City, NJ)”

I visited the temple in January 2004 and discovered that the temple has suffered a massive fire.

Follow the dates. The church gets sued, it declares bankruptcy as reorganization but is forced to sell the property, and now there’s a fire? Hello? Can anyway say “insurance scam”? The church settled a lawsuit accusing it of having scammed a man out of a lot of money, so if true, insurance fraud and arson aren’t an unreasonable assumption. Note: this all entirely speculation by me. I have no evidence other then two eyes and a brain.

As of January 2005 there is a for sale sign on the property.

Return trip to the Temple for Hope and Knowledge

I made a return visit & again no one was there. I saw a neighbor and asked if they knew anything. She said that the “church” met every Saturday in the early afternoon. They have healing sessions and pray to God, but “not god like you & I know it, not the Catholic or Christian god.”

I think I already had that one figured out…



The Temple for Hope & Knowledge




I saw this while we were driving near Atlantic City, stopped and I took these pictures. No one was around, and I wasn’t going to knock on the door. What I’m curious to know is whether or not the interior of these buildings are normal rooms, or if the inside is open to the roof, like the Luxor Casino in Vegas is.

The Weird NJ page about it features a statement from the TFH&K about their mission.

Abandoned Bus in Atlantic County

This bus can be found off a major road in Hamilton Twp.







The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a small, deep pond in Winslow Township, in the heart of the Pine Barrens. The legend says that the water is ice cold even in summer and you would drown if you tried swimming in it. There are various theories as to why the water is so deep, or why it remains so frigid. One popular theory is that its the result of a meteor strike many millions of years ago. Some visitors state that you can see the bottom, while other rumors say that a group of engineers and scientists brought a large crane to the site and dropped a large weight on steel cable and never hit the bottom of the hole when they ran out of cable. Why is the water so clear and cold when a nearby creek is so dirty? Could be it’s fed from an underground spring.

One persistent rumor is that the Jersey Devil comes here and drinks the cold crystal clear water from this pond, and if he catches anyone swimming in his watering hole he will drag them into the water. Ok. Or maybe it’s just the cold water makes swimmers legs cramp up…

There is a geocache here.

Bethlehem Loading Company

The Bethlehem Loading Company was established to produce munitions during W.W.I. and did so until the war end. Originally occupying 10,000 acres outside Mays Landing, the land now is a public park. During WWII the place was stripped for steel & iron. The ruins remain today in Estelle Park and are easily seen off Route 50.







Weymouth Furnance

The chimney like structure is part of the iron furnace, which originally took locally mined ore and turned it into various items such as pipes, cannonballs, pots and pans, and stoves. After the furnace closed, it became a paper mill in 1862, but this was short lived and it closed in 1867. The County has set this aside as a historic site, and is trying to put up signage about the site and the history. Part of the ruins are fenced off for safety of visitors as well as to protect the site from those who would damage it or try to remove pieces of it.





Thru geocaching I came across this Hindu temple in Bridgewater.


Pure luck had me stumbling across this second Hindu temple in Galloway Twp. There was small offering plate near the statue in the picture and it had food on it.



The Milk Jug Lady of Buena Vista

The milk jug lady originally created her lawn art with milk jugs 40 years ago, as a way to keep her kids from riding their bikes on the lawn. Some designs she has done over the years include flags, Dale Ernhardt’s #, rainbow, shamrocks, & Christmas trees. Most require anywhere from 800-2000 jugs.

She has gone back and forth between two ways of coloring the jugs, each with their own drawbacks: colored water (which freezes in the winter) or painting them (which is expensive, time consuming and must be redone). She is always looking for more milk jugs, so she set out a container on her property where people can drop them off. Please make sure they are empty, clean, dry and with caps.