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No topless beach at Asbury

Town council nixes idea to allow topless bathing at the beach

Cougar sighting in Monmouth County

Policesearch Manalapan-Marlboro border after motorist reports seeing a cougar. This was back in March, and I haven’t found any followup stories. Anyone know anything about this?

set your tivo’s cause my son’s gonna be on tv

When we went o the As-Buried Park zombie walk, a cake was presented at the afterparty by Buddy Valostro, start of the TLC series, Cake Boss. Afterwards they interviewed some of the zombies, including my son. No guarentee that his interview will make the episode, but at least you’ll be able to see the cake, and you’ll definitely see me.

The episode airs 6/22 at 10 pm on TLC.

roadside dinosaur

This is a metal dinosaur found along Route 36 in Seabright while heading home from the beach recently. Note the festivel Christmas lights that adorn it, I bet the metal reflects the lights beautifully when lit up.I strongly suspect that it may be one of Jim Gary’s pieces.

the ugliest bear you will ever see

abandoned steam roller

I’d hate to have to respool it if the tape ever got kinked