Disclaimers and warnings


Some of the posts will discuss locations that may not be safe. There may be envionmental hazards or the structure may not be sound. This may not be readily apparent from the descriptions and photographs. This site in no way encourages anyone to go visit any place discussed here. If you go out urban exploring, it is at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for your actions. The reason this blog exists is so you can learn about these places and see pictures of them without having to go there yourself.


Some of the locations featured on this blog may not be legal to visit without permission from the property owners. It may not be readily apparent from the post whether the site was visited with permission or without. This blog does not encourage trespassing. If you trespass on private property you risk being arrested or having the property defended by the owners in whatever manner they see fit. This blog assumes no responsibility should you decide to trespass to visit a place you saw on this blog.


This blog is adamantly against any sort of vandalism from grafitti to property destruction and anything in between. It is this sort of behavior that gives all urban explorers a bad name. There is a phrase long popular in the photography community: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” My own personal motto is “I may E but I don’t B & E” Destruction of private property leads to animosity towards the urban exploration crowd, and makes the hobby all that much harder to enjoy.

Finally: use common sense. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes in my eagerness to check out a site I do stupid things. Don’t think because I did it, it’s ok. I paddled a canoe thru a dangerous river in NY the day after an ice storm so I could visit an abandoned …. place. Upon reflection I risked my life… and for what? Pictures? A good memory? A thrill? I was lucky I made it home alive that day.

Don’t be a Darwin Award winner. Use your head.

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