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what’s popular

I have found a huge increase in visitors to my site since I changed to a blog based format, and an increase in visitor interaction. I am very pleased to see this site growing, and I can’t wait to add new material. I decided to share with you what is popular here and what people are googling to get here. I think some of the results will surprise you.

Among the most popular pages on this blog are the following:

The Ramapo Mountain People
The railroad tunnel beneath Fairview Cemetery
The abandoned patient houses of Ancora Psych
Downed Jet in West Milford
Curtis Wright Aircraft Facility
Edgewater graveyard
The Boat House of Hawthorne
Manunka Chunk railroad tunnel
the bull demon of Lumberton

and just about any page dealing with the NJ Palisades/Manuel Rionda’s tower.

the search terms people have used is in some ways surprising, some ways not. The most commonly searched for places are jungle habitat, the ramapo mountain people, different railroad tunnels, the jet in the woods, and different psychiatric facilities. None of this is surprising, but I was surprised to find so many people searching for the boiardo house. I was also surprised at how few people were searching for Clinton road. Considering it’s probably the most legendary spooky road other then Annie’s road, I expected it to rank much higher.

The least surprising thing of all is that this is the most popular page in my entire blog. Considering the title, I imagine those words get googled a lot. 🙂