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The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a small, deep pond in Winslow Township, in the heart of the Pine Barrens. The legend says that the water is ice cold even in summer and you would drown if you tried swimming in it. There are various theories as to why the water is so deep, or why it remains so frigid. One popular theory is that its the result of a meteor strike many millions of years ago. Some visitors state that you can see the bottom, while other rumors say that a group of engineers and scientists brought a large crane to the site and dropped a large weight on steel cable and never hit the bottom of the hole when they ran out of cable. Why is the water so clear and cold when a nearby creek is so dirty? Could be it’s fed from an underground spring.

One persistent rumor is that the Jersey Devil comes here and drinks the cold crystal clear water from this pond, and if he catches anyone swimming in his watering hole he will drag them into the water. Ok. Or maybe it’s just the cold water makes swimmers legs cramp up…

There is a geocache here.