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Abandoned Camp in Sussex County

Located in between two active camps in the heart of Sussex County, lie two abandoned camps. There are the remains of a road which leads to one of the camps, and there’s evidence of recent vehicular traffic, but this camp has not seen use for at least 2-3 decades if not more. I’m still researching it’s name and history, so for now, I can only provide photographs. You can see all of them here on Flickr but below are a few teaser shots.

We hiked from the other camp (the one which doesn’t have road access, and followed a trail, but went the wrong way at the fork. Then the trail disappeared and we couldn’t find any more blazes. We knew it was at the base of a ridge so we followed the base of the ridge, mainly following deer trails. We encountered a snake, several tree frogs, but luckily no bears. We found bear scat and even owl vomit along the way before finally hitting the camp itself. At that very moment, the batteries on my camera died, and I did not have any spares as the camera gave me no warning at all. Luckily the boy scout leader who was leading the way gave me his batteries (since he didn’t have a memory card in his camera rendering it useless anyway) We had hiked (bushwhacked really) nearly 2 hours, and over the course of the day covered 7-8 miles.

Enjoy the pics…