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The Cape May Bunker is no longer out in the ocean!

I received the following email and pictures from a reader

Just returned from Cape May and thought you’d appreciate this.

The attached pictures are of a naval gun emplacement fort on the beach just northeast of the Cape May light. The emplacement was completed in 1942 by US Army Corp of Engineers for use by the Navy as a coastal defense against German U Boats. The fort originally had 2 large naval guns that had the ability of firing 17 miles. What’s so weird about it? Well, most people think that WW2 was fought ‘over there’ with the exception of Pearl Harbor. Not true. In fact this very fort and several coastal gun batteries from New Jersey to Delaware defended the entrance of the Delaware Bay against several attempts by German U Boats (submarines) from disrupting US cargo shipping out of Philadelphia.

The German Navy had sunk numerous Liberty ships, fuel tankers and civilian cargo ships in and around the Cape May and Lewes, DE coastal waters. Of further interest, German U Boats prowled the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and got as close as New Orleans port waters. Anyway, this was my first trip to Cape May where I could get close enough to explore the exterior. The fort is now under the control of the NJ State Parks and is being preserved.

Cape May Bunker

This bunker for munitions had 6 inch round turret guns on the sides, and in front are Panama Mounts which held 4 155 mm coast artillery guns.  A sister bunker sits across the Delaware Bay. Originally built 900 feet from the shoreline, 60 years of rising tides and erosion have now brought the ocean to the bunker. As recently as 20 years ago you could, you could walk underneath it during low tide. Now it remains in the water at all times. Park officials have removed access ladders which used to allow you to climb inside and on top.