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The graveyard on Clinton Road

Located at the start of Clinton Rd on Route 23, is a graveyard that is completely invisible from the road. Surrounded by a metal fence it, I couldn’t tell if this is a public graveyard or not. I stepped over a fence where part no the fence had fallen. Or was that the gate that fell down? //shrug. I walked under some very low hanging branches before emerging in the graveyard itself. Within view of the nearest homes, the graveyard is home to about a two dozen graves. The markers indicate that most of the deceased were buried in the early to mid 1900’s. The area has waist high grass in spots and is generally unkempt, although a few graves had recently been visited. Upon leaving, I noticed that an employee of the real estate office across the street was outside, so I decided to inquire. I asked about the graveyard and she said she thought it was public since she saw people going in there from time to time.

Or maybe local kids like hang out there and drink…

Bones on Clinton Road

In 2003 I was reading at the Weird NJ Yahoo Fan Site that someone had found animal bones near Dead Man’s Curve. I was headed that way anyway so I stopped by dead man’s curve and I found the bag of animal bones as described. I was surprised seeing as how the description of the location was very vague. The bones are almost totally clean. When you eat chicken, there’s still flesh left on the bones, but not here, so this wouldn’t appear to be something that a hunter killed and ate and then disposed of. I left the bones after taking pictures & as I was getting in my car, that’s when I saw the black pickup, parked 10 feet from my car. OMG! Run! The black pick up will get me!


A few weeks later I was in the area again and decided to see if those bones were still there. They were and I decided to take them with me. I’m not entirely sure why I took them. Partly as a souvenir of Clinton Road and partly in case they weren’t deer bones. They most likely were dumped by a hunter after he was done with the meat & skin. That would explain why the bones were so clean. It doesn’t make me a freak, does it? 🙂





The black pick up truck of Clinton Road

One of the greatest urban legends of Clinton Road is that you will be chased by a black pick up truck if you drive down it late at night. One weekend I drove down Clinton Road and I told the passenger in my car of the legend of the black pick up truck. She thought it was a big joke. “Black pickups trucks?” she said as she laughed. “What imaginations people have!” The day was mostly sunny and nothing terribly scary occurred while we drove the length of Clinton Rd, but a black pickup truck DID appear behind us. She thought this was hysterically funny so she took pictures.





So what’s the deal with the pick up trucks? The majority of Clinton Road has no side streets and no street lights. It a major thoroughfair from Route 23 to the northern end of West Milford. If you drive on it, any cars or pick up trucks behind you will appear to be following you. They really aren’t following you, there’s just nowhere for them to turn off. The area of West Milford is quite mountanous and pick up trucks are very popular among the local residents.And if they are tail gaiting you, that’s probably because a lot of people drive faster then they should on this treacherous road.