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The House built by a blind man

With the exception of the plumbing and electricity, this house was built entirely by a blind man. He built the house while entirely broke. He did all measurements in his head and knew where he left every tool and every piece of equipment. Neighbors reported he would work thruough the night. Why not? it’s not like daylight mattered to a blind man. The house is now owned by Frank Abate, a realty appraiser, who hopes to restore the structure to it’s original state. The Wayne library has a book that details the story and includes copies of newspaper articles written about him and his house.


Excellent website for traffic information

This website will tell you anything and everything about traffic conditions in NJ. You can also call 511 on your cell phone and get information about traffic delays and construction. It utilizes a voice prompt system and is very good at understanding what you say. If you say “Garden State Parkway exit 151” it will tell you about anything going on near that exit.