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The Devil Tree


The Devil’s tree is so named because Satan himself supposedly guards this tree. The story goes that a local farmer killed his family then hung himself from this tree. Ever since, the tree is cursed. The tree is warm to the touch and snow will not fall on it. The remaining rumors involve people who tried to cut it down. The tree itself stands alone in a field off of Long Rd. It Looks creepy. It is creepy. The picture shown is un-retouched, and really reflects the atmosphere that day. I think it ranks as one of my favorite pictures.

The tree is quite battered, with graffiti, ax marks and some sort of damage or stain that I can’t identify. I recently heard that the town erected a metal fence skirt around the base of the tree to stop people from trying to cut it down. There is also reports that the land is due to be sold to become (what else?) town houses. How inventive. Why don’t they give it a nice name like Devil Tree Estates or something with real cachet?