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Mary Ellis cemetery

Mary Ellis lived in the area of NJ that 200 years after her deat would become Edison & Rahway. She lived near the Raritan River, and in 1813 purchased a piece of farm land near its banks. She married a sea captain, but he went to sea & never returned. In 1827 she passed away, her husband’s whereabouts unknown. She was buried on her own property, with her sister and even, some say, her husband’s beloved horse. The property was passed down through the family, and heirs maintained the graves. In the early 20th century, the wooded area surrounding the Ellis property was sold to developers and became strip malls. The land immediately around the grave itself was leveled, then paved, leaving the grave site an island in a sea of asphalt. The terms of sale of the property give the descendants the right to visit the grave and to maintain it. Currently the grave sits directly behind a Lowes Multi-plex. Biding by the agreement, the grave should remain undisturbed for years to come.