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Abandoned houses in the meadowlands

You can see this ramshackle house from the NJ Turnpike before the toll plaza at 16W. I’ve seen it for years and finally in 2006 I decided to visit. The house sits behind a golf course and a PSE&G fueling station. I asked the golf course owner for permission to go back behind the course to take pictures and he agreed. I had to walk out on the golf range but there was only one guy taking swings and I warned him to let me get to the end and he was cool.

The house has been there since the 1930’s and the area is used by fisherman to store their boats, both the working and the non working. I really don’t know much more then what I’ve already said. it is very very picturesque, and I love the last photo I’ve posted below.

shack 051

shack 054

shack 064

shack 070

shack 075Lots of photos

Meadowlands Mosque

Jamil owned a small house off of Paterson Plank Rd which eventually was condemned to make way for a jug handle. He decided to build a small house on the remaining land amongst the wrecked cars and garbage on the property. He has a house in the city and he comes here… to relax. (in a junk pile in the Meadowlands? this is a place to relax and get away?) According to a nearby business owner, the city and state were after him for taxes, and that the EPA or some environmental agency was on him about all the garbage and junk.