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Allen’s Clam Bar

I think we’re gonna need a bigger table.



Abandoned on the Mullica River

I recently came across this non descript trio of houses on the banks of Mullica River. In Lower Bank these houses have sat for I am guessing two decades or more, judging by debris I found in the building. The buildings are in really bad shape but have been left alone by people. I saw no signs of vandalism or destruction, not even evidence of kids drinking and smoking pot. All I saw the decay of time. Built on sand, literally on the sand with no foundation, these houses built yards from the Mullica River were destined to meet a fate like this.

Sandy wipes out the LBI wreck

The LBI wreck was a small house of some sort that greeted people as they crossed onto LBI via the Route 72 bridge. I don’t really know anything about it, seems like no one does. Just an old abandoned shack. Sadly this fixture is no longer around, washed away, destroyed by the winds and storm surge of Sandy.These are photos of the LBI wreck before it was washed away.