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Blairstown Pet cemetery

I don’t really know much about the cemetery or it’s history. I can tell you that they accept all manner of animals including horses and gorilla, though the primary pets buried here are dogs and cats. The pet cemetery is off limits to the public, something I only discovered after wandering around. The sign is located once you get to the parking lot, and near the road (which would make sense) Needless to say I parked and headed to the right, never seeing the sign till I came back to my car.

Lad, A Dog: Albert Payson Terhune

Albert Payson Terhune was a children’s storybook writer, as well as a breeder of Collies. Eventually he combined his two interests and wrote a children’s book “Lad, a Dog” based a real Collie of his. The book proved quite popular and he went on to write a whole series of “Lad” books.

Terhune lived in Pompton Lakes on the shores of the Lake for which the town is named. He buried Lad and all his other Collies right there on the property. The Wayne Police also bury their K-9 dogs here. Lad’s grave is right off the parking area. You can read more about Terhune and his dogs here