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Joey Ramone has a headstone

When I visited Joey Ramone’s grave he didn’t have a headstone despite it being well over a year since his passing. I made a return visit and now he does have a headstone.



Joey Ramone’s grave

Joey Ramone was the lead singer of the Ramones and helped to define punk rock in NY in the 70’s. I won’t try to reinvent the wheel and tell you all about him because I think that’s best left to experts, so here’s VH1’s biography. What I can tell you is that he is buried in Hillside cemetery in Lyndhurst, and the tombstone bears his real name Jeffrey Hyman. I’ve been there twice and each time there was a smattering of things left there by fans. I was surprised the first time I went because at the time, two years after his death, there was not headstone. There was family headstone, with his mother’s name on it, but he buried beside her, and there was only a small cross and a piece of paper bearing his name. At some point a headstone was placed there.