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The Sunken House at Ramapo College

There is a legend of a house behind the main buildings of Ramapo College which has sunk into the ground because it was built on unstable, marshy land. In the early 1900’s, the land in that area was mostly owned by the Havemeyers, a wealthy family from NY. The campus was their weekend estate. The sunken house was really a roof that covered an open well, used to provide drinking water to the estate. The mansion was sold to Stephen Birch, and it remained in the Birch family until then 60’s when Stephen Birch Jr died in the home. In 1971 the land was donated to Ramapo College…. Allegedly his ghost wanders the administration building from time to time.

I visited the campus and asked around and explored a little but found nothing. Eventually I found someone who would show me that the sunken house was nothing more then a big well with a roof to keep the leaves and branches out. Unfortunately it had been recently torn down so there was nothing to see.