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North Brother Island

If you know nothing about NBI, here is my original entry detailing the long and varied history of this unassuming island in the Bronx River. it’s well worth a read and I won’t repeat it here because this is about my own journey exploring the island. I don’t recall exactly where I first heard about it, but I had known about it for well over a year. I had researched it thoroughly, making particular note of the dangerous currents and tides. I was also keenly aware that it was very close to Riker’s Island, which presented a security issue. I certainly did not want to be mistaken for someone escaping the infamous prison. What became clear was that if one was going to go to the island it would have to be by canoe, so one could scuttle the boat on shore. After numerous aborted discussions i finally found someone w/a canoe and someone else crazy enough to make the trip. We made the trip in January 2006. It would be approximately 1,000 feet from shore to shore and I am woefully out of shape, I cant remember the last time I was in a canoe. Complicating things is the fact that the tides are vicious and the water was ice cold. There had been a nasty ice storm the night before so air temperatures were sub-freezing. I can’t imagine what the water temperature would be like. Even with a life jacket, hypothermia could easily set in before I could reach shore. If you haven’t figured it out, this journey probably ranks as the most unintelligent exploration I have ever taken.

As fate would have it, I made the trip over successfully. The island is home to numerous birds which nest there and it’s a a protected bird sanctuary. The hospital buildings are all in severe disrepair. Many stairs are crumbling and there are holes in many walls and floors. This has allowed many thaw cycles to do further damage to the facility as snow and ice have gotten inside and rotted away the wood that held it together. There are 3 main buildings as you can see in the aerial picture below from google. There was almost nothing left in any of the buildings except for rusted out desk and chairs. The one area that was most interesting was the kitchen which still had purchase orders for the patients. In here I also found a 1950 phone book. I found it amazing to see phone listings as KL5-3325. Unfortunately the pages crumbled in my hands so I could not take it home as a souvenir. We spent several hours carefully poking around, but our visit was cut short because we wanted to go back when the tides were just right. Below are several pictures, but you should really check out all the pics on flicker

new PBS web video about NBI

PBS has a new series on it’s website called The City Concealed. it’s first episode focuses on North brother Island, and it’s use by birds as a nesting ground. It’s short but interesting and features interviews with the Audubon Society. Below is a press release about the show.



New York, NY – July 1 – To kick off the launch of the newly updated, the local website of New York public media provider, THIRTEEN, the station will feature the full-length mini-series of Niall Ferguson’s ASCENT OF MONEY. Each episode of the program, which premieres on PBS stations nationwide on July 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 9 p.m. (ET), will be available online the morning of its broadcast air-date. This groundbreaking four-part series traces the rise of the modern financial system by taking viewers on a global trek through the history of money.

With its new video capabilities,, will deliver hundreds of hours of programming to its users, including national programs such as NATURE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, FRONTLINE, MASTERPIECE, PBS NEWSHOUR, WIDE ANGLE, and NOVA and locally produced programs including THE CITY CONCEALED, REEL13 SHORTS, WORLDFOCUS, and IT’S THE ECONOMY, NY.

In addition, THIRTEEN will continue to produce its own original online content, catering to a hyper-local New York audience with shows like THE CITY CONCEALED and REEL13 SHORTS. THE CITY CONCEALED is a series of short documentaries about New York City’s hidden treasures. The latest episode, North Brother Island, will premiere with the new video player. Past episodes include Fresh Kills Park in Staten Island, The United Palace Theatre in Harlem, and Weeksville, the city’s first African-American free town established in the 1800s. is a destination for short film submissions, voting and viewing. Three shorts are presented each week and the winner of a public online vote is broadcast on THIRTEEN on Saturday nights. The REEL video library has close to 130 films available for streaming. will provide superior improved navigation capabilities, allowing users to search and find their favorite shows by theme, episode, host and date and watch full-length programs on demand.