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The wreck of the Sea King

I received the following email

I didn’t find the “Sea King” abandoned ship on your site, here’s a link that would be helpful. It is a ship (fishing boat) that was wrecked in ’63 and the mast is all that remains. Back in the 60’s though when I was a kid, most of the ship was visible just off the surf at 10th st. and the “bigger kids” would swim out to the ship and use it as a diving board. Not much left now but the mast. Funny though, depending on when you go, you may see the mast still in the water, or as I saw the last time I was there, it was jutting out of the sand. Enjoy

The HMS Martin


The HMS Martin blockaded the Delaware River in the War of 1812 and was eventually grounded, destroyed and burnt. It’s remains were exposed during a hurricane in 1954, and locals had the remains moved to a nearby spot where it could be preserved.


!–LOCATION:N38 56.179 W74 57.721 –>

The Sindia Shipwreck


The Sindia was a 4 masted sailing ship which ran aground on the beach of Ocean City after 4 days of rough weather had beat the ship and its crew down. The steel hulled ship was pushed hard into the sand, cracking the hull and filling the ship with water and sand. 100 years later the ship remains on the beach, but beach replenishment efforts and the shifting of the shoreline has completely covered the ship. What remains buried there is a mystery, because some believe it contained a secret cargo of stolen art from the middle east…

Read more about the Sindia at the official website.