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Lady Liberty of Hacketstown

Left Turns, aka The Liberty State Park Castle

Built in 1982, this hidden castle is a piece of “living art”, constructed by sculptor Charles Simonds. Said one of the people who helped him build it, “A big part of the philosophy behind Simonds work is the element of discovery. When you happen upon one of his works in the middle of nowhere, it has the same effect on the viewer as discovering the ruins of a lost civilization.”

They were sponsored by the State Art in Public Places program, in conjunction with the NEA. In a subsequent discussion at Rutgers, the artist who created the miniature city said, “Opposite two national monuments, Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty, Left turns (the name of the project) consists of three sited elements, each separated and surrounded by tall pampas like grassy areas indigenous to the park. With the dramatic and still presence of Manhattan in view from each of the three sites, the works located within this setting form an intimate and powerful viewing experience and establish a close symbolic relationship between nature and civilization.”

There were two other art pieces created but the rising tides and marshes have reclaimed them.

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