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Frightfest at Great Adventure

Six Flags runs their Frightfest every Octobe. Pictured is Dr Zombini (Todd Robbins who runs the Side Show Saturday Night). In the past Dr Zombini has done the human blockhead routine, eaten light bulbs and done flame eating. He also took one of those balloons (“You know the kind that clowns and magicians turn into cute little animals? I don’t do that….”) and inserted one end up his nose, and pulled it out of his mouth. Also performing was Ula the Rubber Pain-Proof Girl









Side Show Saturday Night

Todd Robbins is the Chairman of the Board of Coney Island USA and the Dean of the Coney Island Sideshow School, where he teaches how to do the things seen in the show. The Coney Island freak show is the last remaining permanent freak show (i.e. non-traveling) left in America. Todd Robbins has performed at Frightfest at Great Adventure, under the name Dr Zombini (this is how I discovered him, thanks to Marc Hartzman of Found on Ebay fame) The show features standard side show fare such as eating a light bulb, walking on broken glass, fire breathing, and sword swallowing. There is a lot of use of audience members, including the Flying Ebola Brothers, and the Madam Elektra act. He had this woman from the audience sit in an electric chair & enough current went into her to light a light bulb. To prove it wasn’t fake, he got sparks to come off her tongue which lit one of the torches he was swallowing.

The show begins at 1030, and lasts 90 minutes. The show is not for young children, so leave the kids at home…He typically has special performers, such as Twistina, the rubber girl, or Nippillini, a fellow who hangs heavy things from nipple rings. The show is located at 15 Van Dam St, New York