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iphone app helps jersey drives avoid traffic jams

There’s now an iPhone app to get traffic updates about various NJ highways. What’s cools about the Trumpit service (aside from the name which is terrible) is that you can set it for alerts and when they come in, you press a button and the audio is played, for hands free use. It’s just one more feature from the 511 website which is really a must visit for anyone who travels the turnpike, GSP, 287 or any other major highway. One feature of both the site and the app is travel time. it’ll tell you the time it will currently take to travel from say exit 82 to exit 38 on the GSP (toms river to AC) and its updated every few mins.

My only question is when is it coming out for Android?

Excellent website for traffic information

This website will tell you anything and everything about traffic conditions in NJ. You can also call 511 on your cell phone and get information about traffic delays and construction. It utilizes a voice prompt system and is very good at understanding what you say. If you say “Garden State Parkway exit 151” it will tell you about anything going on near that exit.