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Waving Willie

Waving Willie was a fixture in Byram Twp for as long as folks can remember. Willie was waving and greeting folks long before Sam Wal-Mart came up with the idea. Willie primarily waved from in front of his home on Route 206, just north of Tamarack Rd, about 2 miles north of Route 80. He waved all day, every day, rain snow, cold it didn’t matter to Willie. He never stopped waving. Said one local, “People didn’t know where Byram was, but if you said, ‘Waving Willie’, everybody knew where you meant.”

When the A&P opened he would sit in front of the store and greet the shoppers with a hello and a wave, then head on over to the Cranberry Market & Deli for more waving. He did this for nearly 40 years…. Willie didn’t do this his whole life though. He served in the army during WWII, and was a bartender and a firemen. What he loved the most was waving. Left hand was for northbound traffic, right hand for southbound. Sadly Willie collapsed from a heart attack and passed away in 2000.


As if they had lost a member of their own family, a little memorial Was left in his honor where his chair sat in front of his home. part of that memorial is a giant hand on a flexible metal pole. When cars goes by on 206 it creates a gust of wind which makes the hand going back and forth, like the ghost of Willie, waving eternally to the cars as they go by….