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Weird NJ video of jet in the woods

Weird NJ 2006 Halloween party

The party was held at the Asbury park Bowling alley, as opposed to the Stone Pony. Not sure why, the SP was always a fine venue, but I must admit that this bowling alley was pretty cool. It is old. it doesnt have the modern scoring devices, the bar is old school, it is really cool. The party itself was cool, Frankenstein 3000 was a great band, though I wasn’t as impressed with the second band. //shrug.

The costumes were ok this year but the Marks went and decided to only allow Nj themed costumes into the costume contest which severely limited the entrants. **Severely** limited. I really hope that either the quality and quantity of the NJ costumes picks up next year or they throw it wide open in 2007. Got a whole stream of photos here but here’s a few to tease you.

Some costumes take guts to wear...

Some costumes take guts to wear...

Stone Living Room Youtube video by WNJ

Four years ago some asshats destroyed the SLR. Me and about a dozen friends went and rebuilt it and it was destroyed again within 24 hours. This video was posted on youtube in late 2008. Apparently others have made similar rebuilding attempts and the SLR was again destroyed. The “logbook” shown in the video is actually from a geocache that was eventually stolen.