Behold: the huglight

I am always looking out for new flashlights because a) you can never have enough, and b) there’s always some better out there. I have a petzel headlamp good for hands free work while hiking, exploring or what not. My only objection is I’m very aware that it’s on my head and occasionally that’s annoying. I just recentl;y came across the huglight, which despite the almost sickeningly sweet name, is a very versitile flashlight. It’s really two lights at the opposite end of a body that can be bent and wrapped around anything or into any shape. As a result you can hang it from your neck with the lights aimed up, down or to the side, you can wrap it around a tree limb, or… just about anything. It’s very inexpensive at 14.95 and it sounds like a winner to me. If I get one I’ll let folks know how it is.

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