WAWA is expanding in northern NJ

WAWA is expanding in northern NJ

It is a beautiful day when WAWA opens a store in northern NJ. If you lived north of 195 you really didnt get much chance to shop at WAWA. There’s hundreds of them thruout southern NJ, but virtually none north of Monmouth county. One opened in parsipanny 2 years ago and I am lucky enough to drive past it to work every day, but for most residents of northern NJ, WAWA is a treat you only get when you go down the shore in the summer. 

No more.

Today they opened a store in Kearny and dozens more are planned thruout the northern part of the state. This is truly a fine day. 

But I’m still calling them subs, I don’t care what they call them down south.

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  1. Posted by Jack Rescoe on January 12, 2013 at 12:33 AM

    I agree 100% I know Wawa quality personally. They’re all over the Philly metro area. They have great help, great attitude, great coffee & even darn good Hoagies. Bring ’em on!!! Hoagies, subs, heros – they’re all basically the same if made properly, Italian style I’ve now lived out here in Portland, Oregon for 29 years and I’d almost kill to get a decent sub. Believe me, the west coast is clueless on good deli food.


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