the vistas are demolished

Paterson’s failed condos are torn down

I explored these buildings a year or two ago and surprisingly, aside from a few broken windows they were free from damage, grafitti or copper theft as one would expect of an abandoned building in Paterson. I still do not understand why someone else didnt take up where the original builder left off. The one building actually had tennants at one point if I recall correctly. The units were large and nicely furnished. The views were lovely, so I fail to see why the city wouldn’t want the ratables. I can only speculate that they have other plans for the property, perhaps related to the newly established Great Falls park.

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  1. Like most city councils ,I’m sure the plans where made so there would be no public challenge I suggest sturring the pot .Make some noise ,ask a real estate agent but only after a couple of drinks.Theres a story in this and above all good luck.


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