The Studebaker Sanctuary

I received the following email and photos.

i check out your website once in a while…i also write for Weird NJ…the Edison concrete highway article was one of mine…as well as the Pfaff round barn on your website…well here is a guy and his Studebakers…he has a huge Studebaker collection… at last count more than a 100…both in a garage…and on his property…he is located in Warren county…he does not like trespassers…so please urge your website viewers to use the golden rule of look but dont touch or trespass…this is not a junkyard it is one mans passion for all things Studebaker…he is a pal of mine…i also know of a hermit in Warren county who collects old Ramblers…he lives on top of a mountain…and only has patience for people he knows…take care H A Jewell

More photos


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  1. Posted by conrad alexander on October 9, 2016 at 10:30 AM

    I delt with him years ago ,great person


  2. Dear Sir,
    Looking for 1960 Studebaker Champ truck windshield,
    Can you help
    Edward 213-453-1736


  3. Posted by KSue on December 15, 2013 at 4:26 AM

    I used to live next door to this property. It does look like a junkyard it is an eyesore to the people in the neighboring property. The old man is hoarding these automobiles and I believe it is an illness. What will happen to them when he dies. He is very mean person as well, and is only allowed to continue with this due to a grandfather clause.
    I think it is sad that these cars remain in this ‘grave yard’ when they could have been beautifully restored.


    • It’s rather sad that you have developed this attitude and now make attempts to spread your misconceptions. Understand that your evaluation of this man and his, and I do state; COLLECTION, is closer to slander and misconception than he deserves and you should be allowed to spread.

      Jimm, 575-545-1208


  4. Like Studebaker he must be man ahead of his time.


  5. I have lived in Washington for 30 years, I love this place. I am a Studebaker collector also.
    Ralph is a true patriot. He has fought of meddling from the town for years. They should let him be, he has paid his dues. I love the guy,


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