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Unnamed research facility

i would love to tell the story behind this place but doing so would reveal its location. its a nice find and although there is some graffiti its pretty untouched and I wanna keep it that way. Plus its highly visible and highly illegal. All ill say is that it used to be a farm and later became a research lab.

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1500 drums removed from old chemical site in Clifton

This was a few months ago, but it’s a danger that is more likely as the chemical plants grow older and records get lost. NJ has more superfund sites then any other state, but there’s plenty of sites that should be on the list and aren’t because nobody knows the danger

background on the Pasadena Terra Cotta factory

An interesting accounting of the Pasadena terra cotta factory.

I previously posted about the Pasadena Terra Cotta factory and it looks like my friend was right about the name.

looking to talk to former employees of Curtis Wright in Woodridge

I am doing some research on CW and would like to speak to employees who worked at the Woodridge location, especially anyone who worked there in the 60’s or 70’s. If you did, email me at lost at lostinjersey dotcom.

Mays Landing Brick Company














The Sex Plant

They call it the sex plant because someone spray painted those words on the wall of the old building. I hope it doesn’t mean anyone actually comes here and has sex because… Ew. It’s ease of access makes it a popular place for exploring and busting out the walls. Note that the concrete cinder blocks were busted out with a sledgehammer. Smart. let’s knock down the walls that support the building structurally. Darwin Award in the making.





Pasadena Terra Cotta

Henry Charlton Beck refered to this place as the Pasedena Terra Cotta factory, but I have it on good authority that he its real name is the Brooksbrae Brick Factory. Whatever its actual name, the factory burned down in the early 1900’s, and lately has been tagged with the usual graffiti. If you visit you’ll find two underground tunnels, with one tunnel having two levels. The tunnels are cramped (I had to crawl on my hands and knees) and are nothing at all of interest. It’s just a short tunnel about 65 feet long. There are more pictures here.