Borg Woods


Borg Woods (named for John Borg, the founder of the Bergen Record) is located just behind Summit Ave in Hackensack. You can’t find better examples of the over-priced, over-sized McMansions that have come to dominate this area then those on Summit Ave. Nestled in the border of Hackensack, Maywood and Paramus, these woods would be manicured lawns by now if they hadn’t been preserved by the County.

The story in Weird NJ stated that in these woods was an old house long ago abandoned. As kids during the 70’s & 80’s, he and his friends heard rumors of ghostly figure at the windows. When they approached the house, someone rattled the doors from inside, etc, etc. There really is an boarded up house in these woods, buried deep in the southern most section of it. The author stated the doors were pad locked, which I didn’t see, and the house is practically on someone’s property, outside the boundary of the woods. I’m not entirely sure if this is the same house or not…. If you come down to look around, be sure to look for this huge fallen tree that is just too cool.

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  1. Posted by Eric Martindale on February 1, 2011 at 11:24 PM

    The abandoned house that the author is talking about was locally called “The Mummy House”. It is actually the carriage house of an estate on Summit Ave, and is directly adjacent to the SE corner of the County-owned tract. It is on the crest of the hill.

    The fallen tree in the photo was vandalized by a resident of Summit Ave who wanted to cut 3″ slabs of the trunk and use them as tables. The uprooted portion flopped back to the ground, and is non longer so impressive. However, there was a tree avalanche in March 2010 during a major storm in the portion of the woods right behind The Mummy House, so anyone wanting to see impressive fallen trees can see about 30 of them in one spot. Looks like a tornado came through, and neighbors say it happened in about 15 seconds, starting at the top of the hill, and crashing into houses on Brook Street. “Tree Avalanche”, who ever heard of that. Only in an old-growth forest. Sounds like a great story-line for Weird NJ.


  2. Posted by njurbanforest on March 5, 2010 at 1:20 AM

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